Sharon Sewell-Fairman

President & CEO
Women Creating Change

Sharon Sewell-Fairman boasts a distinguished career spanning 25 years in workforce and economic development, encompassing roles at local, state, and national levels. As of March 15, 2023, she has assumed the role of President and CEO at Women Creating Change (WCC), where her mission is to position WCC as a leader in civic engagement within New York City. Her personal commitment drives her to advance WCC’s mission, focusing on initiatives aimed at reducing social, racial, and economic disparities.

Formerly the Chief Executive Officer of the Workforce Professionals Training Institute (WPTI), Sharon spearheaded a decade of innovation and growth. Under her leadership, WPTI transitioned from a fiscally sponsored partner project to a thriving, independent 501c3 nonprofit. Sharon consistently expanded the organization's budget, staff, and programmatic reach, skillfully navigating operational challenges. Her legacy includes the establishment of a Leadership Development program that fostered connections among leaders, primarily from diverse backgrounds. Sharon's work directly impacted over 10,000 unique workforce practitioners and 740 organizations, ensuring economic opportunities for low- and moderate-income individuals. She also achieved remarkable diversity in WPTI's Board of Directors, representing extensive expertise in the for-profit, nonprofit, and academic sectors.

Sharon commenced her career at the New York Association of Training & Employment Professionals and held senior positions at the New York City Employment & Training Coalition, Wadley-Donovan Growth Tech LLC, and the National Association of Workforce Boards in Washington, DC. At the latter, she collaborated with 600+ national workforce boards, engaging 15,000 business leaders and Congressional staff on workforce policies and advocacy priorities.

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